Thought I’d share the book trailer to Stilicho’s Son. I made this for my online novel and the graphics will make it’s way to the kindle version eventually. I had a Darklaw book trailer a few years ago, but I’m looking at making a new one.


If you’re curious about the technical specs: I made this in Adobe Premiere. I was able to get it down to 40M and 1:30. Ideally, you want to stay around a minute, but I like the fades too much and wanted to keep more of the music in.

I purchased the use of the music which was $40 — totally worth it! Support art with your dollars, and don’t expect creatives to work for free. A good place to get background music with attribution-only is I’ve used them in other videos.

Images were created and edited in Adobe Photoshop. I purchase most of my stock photos from Years ago, they were much cheaper, but they’re not much different from many places now. You buy credits and select your image which costs a different amount of credits depending on the resolution. I almost always purchase print-resolution sizes so they’re versatile. If you get the low-res, no way is that making it to a print cover.

My background in graphic design and illustration — not to mention the years and years teaching myself design and video software — means I can do all the work myself. I love having complete control of the details, the packaging. I started on Corel Draw and Windows Move Maker. I use mostly Adobe products. One day, I hope to get into animation with Maya or 3ds Max.