TITLES: Essanti of Justice | Avatar of Coth the Reaper | Ghostwalker

darklaw-webcomic-wymore-rook-profile“Purpose Generates Transformation”

SERVES: Emanation of Justice, Creative Order in the Society of the Divine

Rook is friend, servant, lover, and enemy of Avestine since they were very young.

He was gifted to Avestine by the Architect who knew she would become the Emissary upon his death. Avestine removed Rook’s hands in the bonding ritual to which all Essanti must submit: an Essanti must sacrifice his worldly power to receive the spiritual power of his patron god.

As an Essanti, Rook is vowed to protect the Emissary with his life, despite the hatred he often feels for her.

As Darklaw begins, he has been searching for Avestine since she left him to die in the Ice Quarter years ago.


Quotes About/By Rook

“He is my Essanti. One day, he’ll die for me. Even then, he’ll hate me.”


“Truth, not a person, is the spring from which duty flows.”
“She is Truth,” said Rook. “Your truth. You have no other.”


Rook gestured at Avestine, whose expression cautioned him against saying more. “Avestine and Avestar are like twin flames. The moths sometimes get confused, but she’s the brightest. She’s the true Emissary of Arujan, no matter how ardently Avestar tries to change that.”


“People like you never make a vow. You serve yourselves, saying you serve an ideal, a way of life, and you call that a ‘choice’ and think it’s noble. But Essanti don’t serve ideals. We make our vows to people, not words that can change.”