My creative space

I’ll be posting two Darklaw stories for Kindle soon. I’m working on the covers now, see?

My working space has several projects going — a cover at the pencil stage, a charcoal illustration for my Patreon account (which is not yet live), and the concept comic book (it’s behind the glass on the right).

Instead of a light box, I rigged my table with a lamp so I have a bigger drawing surface.

If you have the print edition of Darklaw, you might recognize the drawings on the wall I use for reference. The large vinyl map will also be available for my Patreon supporters down the road.  I use it to calculate distances and draw the correct environmental backgrounds.

Meanwhile, I’m pressing forward slowly on the webcomic and relishing traditional media. Of course, I’ll be finishing the pages in Photoshop, but how I love the feel of pencils, pen, and paper!