Anarchyne. Representin’.

Of course I don’t have time to be playing PokemonGo. But I play PokemonGo.

Not that I ever watched the show or played the games. I’m a generation ahead of it. But the walking and AR make it fantastic. I walk with my kids, and we talk and see real wildlife while we catch fantasy wildlife. If you’re reading my blog, you’re likely already playing the game. I figure the more imaginative and fun-loving people like this adventure. That’s you, right?

The grumps who are laughing at us or complaining about how we spend our time are streaming Netflix and sitting on their asses — you know, doing “important” things while we’re being “frivolous.”

Meanwhile, go Team Instinct! (Of course I would pick Instinct. Do you know nothing of Darklaw?)

I’ve won gyms, reached level 17, and finally have a 1000CP creature — a scyther. And four magikarp, which I LOVE. They make me laugh. When the game advances to trading, come looking for Anarchyne if you need weedles, rattatas, pidgies, or drowsies. Hahaha! No one needs more of those.

Meanwhile, I need to go find me some more magikarp…