TITLES: Essanti of Instinct | Avatar of Bala the Beast | Beastwalker

darklaw-webcomic-wymore-kami-profile “Action Generates Growth”

SERVES: Emanation of Instinct, Radical Freedom in the Society of the Wild

Kami was raised in a brothel in the trading village of Featherwood, ignorant of her true lineage. Before she was ten, she had seen more lust and violence than most people ever do, and was more confused about the difference. Her village was burned and mother enslaved by Darklaw legions when they came to the Demon Quarter.

Kami fled the village, the sole survivor, and sought the help of Avestine, whom she had watched repel the Darklaw legions many years earlier when they had come to Featherwood the first time.

As Darklaw begins, Kami has finally found her quarry in the Trade Quarter city of Queenscourt.


Quotes About/By Kami

She luxuriated in Kami’s climate of raw sensation, the other half of the Emanation of Instinct, whose shadow side appeared capable of consuming the world.


Avestine’s game of indifference was one Kami had mastered, but where Avestine prevaricated, hiding her feelings through sheer force of will, Kami could be authentically unfeeling. He thought that, as the not-so-beautiful and fatherless daughter of a whore, Kami had no right to such arrogance.


“Maybe to a man the sight of blood can mean only death, but to a woman, blood is life. It’s the first thing that tells us we are women. Our own blood, not another’s, is a sign of power. It promises a future.”


“You serve the Emanation of Instinct,” he said, his blue eyes gliding up and down her body. “You serve sensation, a lower order of awareness. Our father had your kind of savages tied up in his courtyard. Sometimes, we would throw them bones or rouse the dogs against them, but we never understood what they were good for. It’s time to find out. You serve the Emissary.”


“Love’s just an apparition haunting our lives. Lust is the only reality.”