I attend the Iowa State Fair every year in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s one of the wonders of the world.

It’s a tremendous event wherein attendees get to see tens-of-thousands of large people milling, eating, laughing, and sweating all while eating battered, sugared, deep-fried food-like items on a stick.

And then, there’s the oddities (because those other things are seen weekly at all Iowa summer festivals): sculptures carved from butter, animals bred for beauty and/or tastiness, the most perfect potato, and pig balls so large they rest on a railing while the manly boar luxuriates in the glow of giggling teen-age boys.

Star Trek bridge crew carved in butter.


My first sighting of a level 10 gym in Des Moines. Go #TeamInstinct!


I leveled up! This was shortly after getting home and evolving 20,000 weedles.


We made a two-day event of it, staying overnight in a hotel with a pirate-ship-studded swimming pool. The second day is the grown-ups day. We can visit the terribly boring places like the Varied Industries Building, where hawkers demonstrate how a pan from Germany cooks better than anything else on earth, the two political parties provide standees of their candidates for you to get a photo with, and the “Evolution: Myth” people maintain their yearly enticement of school-age children by paying for a double-booth and running their exotic mechanical toy train nonstop.

Even better this year: playing PokemonGo. I saw my first level ten gym, including one manned by #TeamInstinct! I also caught my first wild Pikachu in the Varied Industries Building. My jerk husband caught two Magikarp while I was sleeping and didn’t bother to wake me up to catch them. And then, there were the Digletts! Ten in one hour. Nice.

For suburbanites like me, this was all a pretty big deal. Still hoping to get to Chicago some day to see what I can see.