Darklord Roughs: In the Shadows of Gods

Since I quit Facebook and restarted my Twitter feeds from scratch, I found I have much more time. It didn’t seem like I was always on social media, but I guess I was. I would skip post to post, then read the articles (yes, I actually read what you posted). But in the 6 weeks I’ve been off, I have completed three projects that were getting nowhere. And I have some roughs for the continuation of Darklaw.darklaw-epic-fantasy-webcomic-background-roughs-1

Darklord will be serialized here in the coming months. I’ll start with a short story that follows on the novel. You can buy the inexpensive digital novel or the print version that has illustrations. See the links to the left.

I’ll be doing black and white. Pencil and charcoal likely, not ink.

After the first incarnation of Darklaw some years ago, I realized I still prefer traditional media to digital. And I prefer black and white to color. I grew up on Savage Sword of Conan, and learned to draw from the likes of John Buscema and Ernie Chan.

I enjoy the challenge of black and white story-telling. Form, line, shadow, shade. Chiaroscuro.

This image is a rough layout to see the feel of landscape after adding the balloons in Photoshop. There are so many decisions to make about layout when doing a webcomic. Unless you’ve done it, you have no idea. The primary conflict for me has always been my preference for the organic feel of a traditional comicbook-sized page versus the landscape panel that fits web viewing.

Still not sold on it. I miss the movement of the comicbook page, taking in the whole page as a form, then moving from top left to bottom right.


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