Darklord Process Update and Panels

Interestingly, I’m finding detail work tougher to do on digital versus traditional pencil/ink. It may just be the unfamiliarity with the brushes and finding the right one. Have to say that Procreate is just a highly intuitive app that gives illustration less overhead. As I’m developing the final process I’ll use for Darklord, I realize it will definitely include:

  • Pencil/ink in Procreate
  • Lay-out, lettering in Photoshop
  • Pin ups and cover pencil/charcoal/ink in Procreate
  • Pin ups and cover titles and color in Photoshop

Below are a few panels from the first few pages.

darklaw wymore webcomic
Mountains near Sahrdon
darklaw wymore webcomic
Village on the Dark Wealth River
darklaw wymore webcomic
They know what’s coming

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