epic-fantasy-darklaw-front-digitalIt’s been nearly two years since the publication of the print novel. I’m editing the digital novel. It’s not as easy as you think.

The real problem with digital books is that the publisher/author can’t control what you see. YOU control what you see based on the technology you choose and how you format it. That’s great for text, but when the book includes illustrations, it’s a nightmare. Images may be poorly formatted, too small to see, blurry, and aligned with the wrong text.

I’ve wrestled with the decision of how to manage the 20+ illustrations in the digital version and decided to leave all but the map out of the digital. The illustrations help, but they don’t make the story. In taking this step, I’ve also edited the mature content. Darklaw‘s inclusion in the erotic section of Amazon means it doesn’t appear in most searches. The digital version will be less expensive and less erotic.

The 2nd edition will be available in January 2017.