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I had a lot of fun doing this spread. It was a late addition. I had already done pages beyond this (um…mostly sex scenes) but came back to fill in some plot. If you saw roughs of these pages, you may notice clothing differences.

The panel that took the longest was the last, the close-up of Avestine smirking. I love faces, both in life and art. Every wrinkle, scar, and contour reveals the life. I spent a lot of time as a child drawing the characters from Star Trek. They had immensely interesting faces. Quite different, too, between, say, Spock and Dr. McCoy, one highly angular one round.

We had our first meeting of The Paneled Room. It’s one of the groups of The Writers Rooms, located in Iowa City IA. It’s a graphic novel and comic creators support group…and did we have a turn out! I had no idea we had so many interested and interesting authors/artists in our tiny area. If you’re in eastern Iowa and would like the opportunity to socialize and share with fellow creators, check out the group’s information HERE.


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The theme I use requires a landscape image — what the web and computer monitors expect. However, I’m producing a traditional U.S style comic, so my pages are portrait. That means you’re seeing two pages each post. My plans are to post every two weeks. But most important to me is the process. If my enjoyment of getting something just right takes longer, it takes longer. I draw each 2 pages as an organic whole while focusing on what I love about drawing: tone, detail, naturalism. Mostly just making the world and people feel as real as possible. I’m not too worried about a deadline. Maybe one day if I get paid for this…

Until then, I hope you’ll manage to drop in to check on what Avestine, Kami, and Rook are up to. Yes, it’s usually sex, violence, and world domination…but really, what else do you need?