Have you run across my 404 page yet?

Have you ever tried to write a synopsis? Many writers hate them. I know I do, mostly because it took me 100,000 words to tell this story the first time, and now you want me to retell it in 200? Nevertheless, here it is.

You met the six characters shown here in book 1 of the Darklaw Saga, Darklaw. You’ll be with them again in Darklord. I enjoy pen & ink but don’t do much of it. This graphic of the characters was originally done in traditional media — Micron pen on Bristol paper.

For web viewing I’ve reduced the quality of image. I create all images at 300-600dpi so they can go to print if I choose. But large images online load very slowly, as you probably know. With photographs and illustrations, reduced quality isn’t usually a big deal. With text it can be. The synopsis may appear uncomfortably blurry to you, and I may upgrade it after I stare at it a few weeks.


I used to be a website programmer and database developer. That means I know code. So I still like to tinker. I composed the 404 page with a little game. Hope you like it. Let me know in the comments.