darklord webcomic lgbt epic fantasy shadows-cover-2-characters-ink

Traditional media: pen & ink on Bristol paper. First concept for Darklord cover.

The Title page above is a simple graphic, but striking, don’t you think?

I usually go “bigger” on covers, and I will for Darklord if/when I take it to print. But for now, this is a place-holder. It’s all about the story, after all, so I’m putting my time into pages more than covers and pin-ups. I hope to have more time in the following months to post one-offs.

I started a traditional drawing that would be the centerpiece of the cover. I really like the piece but feel it isn’t right for a cover. I was happy with the quill ink work, which I aspire to. Ink takes me FOREVER to get right. My forte is charcoal.

I have always preferred black and white art, whether making it or appreciating others’ work. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, my favorite comic and inspiration was Savage Sword of Conan, a comic that had only one color issue in its many years.


Consider sharing a comment. I’d love to know how you feel about black & white art vs color.