Darklaw the Webcomic will be returning in late 2016. It’s been several years since the first incarnation. In that time, the novel was published, along with numerous illustrations and a standalone short story. See the ABOUT page for more background.

Darklaw Saga Timeline

Hold Fast the Reins – Avestine’s rise to power | 2015 | Strange Flesh Press | Published as a bonus story in the Darklaw novel

Darklaw – Avestine’s and Kami’s meeting, the return of Rook, and the apotheosis of the remaining essanti | 2015 | Strange Flesh Press | Published as a 100,000-word paperback novel with 21 illustrations

In the Shadows of Gods – Avestine’s scheme to banish the gods from the world | 2015 | Kindle | Published as a short story in the anthology Sci Spanks

Darklord – Avestine reclaims the throne of Darklaw from the Darklord | Coming

Darkwar – The battle for possession of the world, the gods aligned between Kami and Avestine | Coming