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The kingdom of the Dark Three, ruled from Sahrdon, claims the largest empire the continent has ever known, and under its dominion, called Darklaw, slavery, violence, and a draconian system of law coerce millions to serve a madman.

“Avestar the Mad” has made an outlaw of his older sister, Avestine, a legendary warrior, now a rebel, who was once the most brutal of rulers herself.

In the thirty-third year after the founding of Darklaw, Avestine is wandering the continent fleeing the cruelty of her brother and her past. Although she has kept ahead of bounty hunters for almost ten years using deception and her sword, she can’t seem to outrun her guilt.

When she meets a young woman with heroic fantasies, an uncanny resolve, and an unrevealed gift, she finds the time for reckoning has arrived.

Sahrdon, Dark Quarter. Daughter of the Architect.

The Emanation of Wisdom, where Order Generates Meaning.

The second generation brought forth two imperial children, one in the Thirteenth year and one in the Seventeenth year. Both were children of the Architect in flesh and in spirit.

In his older sister’s shadow the boy grew beautiful in form and nurtured the traits that had driven his father to possess the world: envy, ambition, practicality. The girl grew strong, displaying those traits that had drawn loyal men to her father: courage, skill, resourcefulness. Neither child possessed what came to their father only late in his life, a quality reserved for the old.

When the Architect used his new-found mercy to preserve his people, Avestar, struck down his father. It was an act of impiety that damned all the generations before the Prophet.

Arrangements of Estate in Works Of Mercy
Brother Esavij, the Gray Friars of Mercy
in the Seventy-Fifth Year