You can have it all, just not all at once

There are those things you’re going to get around to because it’d be nice to do. But then there are those things you have to rearrange your whole life to make happen, so you have to cultivate patience before you can reach your goal. My goal of putting the Darklord webcomic online is within sight! […]

Darklord Roughs: In the Shadows of Gods

Since I quit Facebook and restarted my Twitter feeds from scratch, I found I have much more time. It didn’t seem like I was always on social media, but I guess I was. I would skip post to post, then read the articles (yes, I actually read what you posted). But in the 6 weeks I’ve […]

Darklaw Digital Edition Available

Darklaw is now available in the digital edition. You can buy it at Amazon for a mere $2.99. The digital edition is also a second edition, having been edited from the paperback version. It has less mature content and one illustration (the map). The two editions (paperback and kindle) are located separately at Amazon. You can […]