Avestine’s Palace Floor Plan

darklord webcomic epic lgbt fantasy wymore avestine floor plan

Click for larger image. Started in Ye Olde Mapmaker, finished in Photoshop

If you have checked out the ancillary documents, you know I do a lot of background for my world. It’s necessary to a degree, but I also enjoy world-building so much, I go the extra mile.

I got ahold of some generating apps that help me create the cities and even the buildings for Darklord. I really enjoyed designing Avestine’s quarters at Castlebejel with Ye Olde Mapmaker. It’s an iOS app I used on my iPad Pro. I had to export and do some additional things in Photoshop to get what I wanted, but a great place to start.

I also have used Strategery Games City Generator (great for supplying background population and interactions) and Medieval Fantasy Games Generator (great for a general idea of the city’s directions and major roads) and Donjon Medieval Demographics Calculator (similar to Strategery but more of a summary) to create the main cities you’ll see in the webcomic. Each of these generators provides a little something the others don’t. Altogether, I have a well-rounded world from which I can pull out details as I write.

I used to draw my own world and adventure maps when I was campaigning…long before computers and generous app developers came along. The Darklaw map you see in my ancillary documents was done the old fashioned way.


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