TITLES: The Emissary | Warmaster of Darklaw | Avestine of the Hunt | Avatar of Arujan the Tyrant

darklaw-webcomic-wymore-avestine-profile“Order Generates Meaning”

SERVES: Emanation of Wisdom, Radical Order in the Society of Man

Avestine is the oldest child and only daughter of the Architect (Emperor of the Sahr, King of the Dark Three, Emperor of the Dark Quarter, and creator of the “Dark Law”), who conquered most of the world before he was murdered by Avestine’s younger brother.

As the novel Darklaw begins, Avestine is an outlaw by decree of her brother who sits on the throne. She has sought obscurity in the forests of the Trade Quarter for a decade.


Quotes About/By Avestine

“Surely, you’re curious? About my father’s deprivations? Should I start with the daily beatings or the nights I learned how to satisfy a god’s lust?”


“Make it look like an animal, or just drown him in the river.”
“You want me to kill him?”
She got in Gerard’s face, who, unlike Rook, refused to look away. “We can’t have him spreading stories about my brother being a devil. He’s a man, just a man.”


“There’s always reason to be preemptive. Let my brother settle in, survey the land, decide the battle on his terms, and he’ll be screwing your daughters by sunfall.”


“You’re not a monster,” said Kami.
“We both know the lie of that, don’t we? Don’t pity me, child. The only one you should pity is anyone who loves me.”


The warmth generated by Avestine’s ambitious plans cooled when she realized again that she might have lost Kami. The Wild had always been her enemy, but now even more so, yet Avestine had never backed down from an enemy.


“Always hungry, aren’t you?” A wicked light shone from Avestine’s cool blue eyes. “And I know what you hunger for.”