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I’m an author and illustrator. You can find my short stories and books at my Amazon author page link in the menu  or click here. This website is dedicated to the Darklaw Saga but I’ll share other art here sometimes. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for all the stuff.

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In my day job I own a fitness studio. I’m a certified personal trainer and health coach. I also work as a recess supervisor, making sure kids from 5-12 years old are safe and having fun! I’ve worked in the corporate world as a t-shirt illustrator, graphic designer, copy editor, database developer, and web programmer. If I don’t have at least three jobs at any one time, I get bored.

But my real love is comics.

It all started with Marvel’s Tarzan and Savage Sword of Conan (SSOC) when I was 10. I once wrote a letter to the editor of SSOC complaining about the way the artists drew warrior men vs warrior women: the women were all limp-armed and big-boobed, even Red Sonja. How the hell could these women even lift a sword, let alone fight? The letter was published and the editor apologized, but “that’s the way the artists were used to drawing.”

Well, I could have pointed out the other ridiculous things, like Conan in a loin cloth with a fur hood in arctic weather or any battle armor that left abs bare. But I was a kid and a girl and wanted the same ridiculousness for the female heroes as for the male heroes.

So I started doing it myself, learning to pencil and ink from artists like John Buscema, Ernie Chan, and Alfred Alcala.