AnimeIowa is a convention that happens every year in Coralville, Iowa. I live in Coralville. Hence, Yay me! This is only the second year I’ve attended, but am I glad I did!

I’m not a cosplayer, but I enjoy the cosplayers. They’re ingenious, bold, imaginative. My daughter is a cosplayer (doing FNAF, Homestuck). What I enjoy the most, however, are the panels. There were some terrific ones this year. I attended three, ones that focused mostly on the business of illustration and comics. They were just what I needed.

A panel on webcomics featured Trevor Mueller (Albert the Alien) and Ogawa Burukku (FaLLEN). They were inspiring and practical — both of which you need if you plan to do this comic thing long-term.

I began Darklaw the Webcomic a few years ago and had a short run. Mostly, I didn’t expect the time involved in producing the pages. Like most who do this, I hit a wall and had to stop. In the last few years, I’ve made progress on organizing and planning and changing my process in a way that prepares me for a second shot. And the panel with Trevor and Ogawa was just what I needed.

I found out the process DOES take a long time, that it wasn’t just me being slow. Both panelists said they have almost no life beyond the webcomic. If you’ve followed me on social media or my previous websites, you know I have a very active social life. It’s amazing I get anything done beyond chatting and drinking beer.

Trevor and Ogawa are both people that enjoy travel. I don’t. I hate to travel. Hate. It. Still waiting for the invention of transporters. But we’ll see how things go, because conventions are a big part of connecting with fans, and THAT I like. A lot.

If you’re a novel reader, you can buy the print novel on Amazon. It has numerous illustrations, as well. (The book and illustrations are for mature audiences, as is this website.) I keep thinking I’ll make the digital version available sometime, but I haven’t yet. It will be labor intensive because it’s not just a point a click change like non-illustrated books. I’d rather put my time in to new adventures than revisiting the old right now.