The Author/Illustrator

Darklaw the Webcomic is written and illustrated by Teresa Wymore.

WymoreDarklawApotheosis_episode7-sampleDarklaw is an epic fantasy with plots as old as the world — ambition, lust, revenge. Everyone is guilty of something. Even the heroes.

I began Darklaw the Webcomic online in 2013 and had a six-month run. I was unable to sustain the high artistic standards I wanted, so I put the comic on hold. Now, with a new production process and having reduced my day job to part-time, I’m producing Darklaw the Webcomic online.

In my day job I’m a certified personal trainer and health coach, a business that requires a great deal of continuing education. The work varies based on how aggressively I grow my client base. My goal is to maintain a part-time training schedule and grow Darklaw into a business that pays for itself.

My experience with technical creation and story production is extensive. I have worked in the corporate world as a graphic designer and web & database developer. I have worked as an editor, as a publisher, and I have stories in print from multiple publishers. I’ve been publishing short stories for over a decade and have written several novels, as well, but my real love is comics.

Do you like epic fantasy, world-building, diverse characters, and erotic content? If you share my excitement for complex stories told through uncensored art, join me. I would love to have you on this journey!

Darklaw Publications

The 100,000 word print novel, Darklaw, was published in 2015, complete with 21 illustrations. It includes Hold Fast the Reins as a bonus story. A standalone story, In the Shadows of Gods, was published in the Kindle anthology, Sci Spanks, later in 2015. You can find all these publications at my Amazon Author Page.



Avestine ruled an empire, but can she rule a god?

Kami has come looking for a hero. What she finds is a ruthless outlaw. Despite her disillusionment, Kami can’t seem to free herself from Avestine’s power. No one can.

Only one decision remains: settle for peace or fight for freedom. The world will never have both as long as the gods are alive in the world.


“I found the worldbuilding to be top-notch”

“Well written epic fantasy”

“All the good stuff. But there’s also sex”

“Best Fantasy I’ve Read in Years”