About Darklaw Saga

DO YOU LIKE epic fantasyworld-building, and erotic LGBT content? Darklaw is meant for readers who like complex stories told through uncensored art.  The end of the world is only the beginning.

  1. The first book, Darklaw, is a novel.
  2. The second book, Darklord, is a webcomic.
  3. The third book, Darkwar, is a choose-your-own-adventure.
darklaw webcomic epic fantasy lgbt

Darklaw, book 1 of the Darklaw Saga, available at Amazon.

Book  1 – Darklaw (Novel)

Avestine is the Emissary of the gods, pursued by the insane brother who stole her throne and murdered her father. Rook is a spiritual warrior who will protect the emissary from all threats, even when that means protecting her from herself. Kami is a whore’s daughter, naïve to few things except the ferocious power that will one day eclipse her legendary companions and usher in the end of the world. Darklaw is an epic tale about gods and empires and the compulsions that force men to choose among them.

Book 2 – Darklord (Webcomic)

Ruthless. Relentless. Everything her legendary father made her. Avestine was Warmaster and heir to the empire of Darklaw. Her brother murdered their father, took the throne for his own, and made her an outlaw. That was before she became a god. Now her brother is dead and the mysterious Darklord sits on Darklaw’s throne. Her throne.

Book 3 – Darkwar (Choose-Your-Own-Adventure)

It’s the end of the world. Demons ravage the Four Quarters. As do the Gods.


Darklaw Publications

  • 2015 – Darklaw, the 100,000 word print novel, was published, complete with 21 illustrations. It includes a prequel,  Hold Fast the Reins, as a bonus story. THE PRINT VERSION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
  • 2015 – A post-Darklaw story, In the Shadows of Gods, was published in the Kindle anthology, Sci Spanks.
  • 2017 – The Darklaw ebook (without illustrations) became available as a SECOND EDITION. You can find all these publications at my Amazon Author Page.
  • 2018 – Darklord webcomic begins.
  • 2020 – Darkwar choose-your-own-adventure begins.


About the Creator

You can find my short stories and books at my Amazon author page link in the menu  or click here. I’ve published mainly lesbian erotic short fiction but am currently in the middle of an epic fantasy trilogy that includes a novel, webcomic, and choose-your-own-adventure — the Darklaw Saga.

It all started with Marvel’s Tarzan and Savage Sword of Conan (SSOC) when I was 10. I once wrote a letter to the editor of SSOC complaining about the way the artists drew warrior men vs warrior women: the women were all limp-armed and big-boobed, even Red Sonja. How the hell could these women even lift a sword, let alone fight? The letter was published and the editor apologized, but “that’s the way the artists were used to drawing.” Well, I could have pointed out the other ridiculous things, like Conan in a loin cloth with a fur hood in arctic weather or any battle armor that left abs bare. But I was a kid and a girl and wanted the same ridiculousness for the female heroes as for the male heroes. So I started doing it myself, learning to pencil and ink from artists like John Buscema, Ernie Chan, and Alfred Alcala.

I’m a facilitator of a graphic novel & comics creator group in Iowa City, The Paneled Room. If you live in the Iowa City area and like to create, write, and/or illustrate comics, check us out the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. More information can be found at The Writers Rooms.